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Privacy Policy

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) Privacy Policy

ESR Screened Caregivers operates under the Employment Screening Resources (ESR) Privacy Policy located at:

Privacy considerations and additional details: ESR values consumer privacy and protection of confidential consumer data, and therefore takes all measures to protect and safeguard data.

The bottom line: Employers get the information they need to exercise due diligence, and job applicants know they are working for an employer who values a safe and profitable workplace with qualified co-workers, in a process where consumer data is protected.

Disclaimer: Background Checks are not perfect. Although mistakes are uncommon, there are technical reasons why people may come up “clear” when in fact they have a criminal record or have a criminal “hit” when in fact they have no record. Also, keep in mind that a person who that never been convicted of a crime before may commit a crime or abuse a vulnerable person in the future. The term “background check” can give a false sense of security since it can mean anything from a near worthless online database check all the way to an in-depth private investigation. Consumers should look for background check firms such as Employment Screening Resources (ESR) that are accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).


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